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Green Fire Software: Games and Websites


Custom Website Design



This is the perfect way to give your small business or church an online presence without breaking your budget. This package is for websites with about 5 pages.

The Basic Package

Whether you're building a website for a small business, a church, a medical practice, or a photography business, this package is was designed to get you online for as little as possible. We've included all the features that are most commonly asked for at a price well below what most creative design companies charge.

You're new website is a powerful marketing tool that can drive sales for your business and improve brand awareness. Post up photos, take payments, and receive emails straight from your website!

We've also included a discount on our hosting services if you get our Basic package.

What's Included?

  • Custom Design

    This is important! It's you're competitive edge that sets you apart from all the rest. You may have already tried building a website from a template and found that it's not as easy as they promised. Our design will be uniquely tailored to your needs and you'll have a professional helping you every step of the way.

  • Home Page

    This is the first page that your visitors will see when they come to your website. We take extra time to design a home page that will make a good impression.

  • Contact Page

    This is your most important page. It includes a form which your visitors can fill out to send you an email. Using a form instead of putting your email address directly on the site will greatly decrease the amount of span you get through your website.

  • Photo Gallery

    This page has thumbnail images that your visitors can click on to see the full image. We include a simple admin interface for uploading and managing photos. This page is a great way to show your visitors how inviting your business or church is!

  • Payment Page

    Finally you can process credit cards from your website! We work with PayPal or to make this happen. Just ask your customers to make a payment online! They'll know what to do.

  • Social Buttons

    Social is big these days! We'll add Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ buttons if you want them at no extra cost.

What else might I need?

  • Hosting and Domain Name

    If you haven't already purchased a domain name and web hosting, we'll get you started with 50% off your first year of hosting! When you host with us you only have to deal with one company and we'll continue to support your site. See our hosting section for details.

  • Logo Design

    You might need a logo to go with your new website. We can make you an excellent logo to build your brand! See our Branding and Marketing Solutions for details.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Now that you've got a website, you'll want to drive traffic to it! We'll build a SEO strategy for you that includes key words and link tracking.

  • Facebook Fan Page

    Want your contact form or your photo gallery to be part of your Facebook fan page? We can build you a custom Facebook fan page to leverage social media. (requires SSL)

What do I need to get started?

Nothing. You won't pay us a dime until your site is complete. We're not asking for half up front.

How do I get started?

Just use the form below to tell us about your project! We'll explain the process in detail and answer any questions you might have.



We designed the Complete package to help your business or church continue growing while staying professional. This package is for websites with about 20 pages.

The Complete Package

We placed all of our services into one package to give you a complete branding solution. This is perfect for a business who needs to recreate themself with new image.

It all starts with the logo. We create something that fits the direction you want to go that is modern and simple. Then we design a custom website with extra functionality to match the logo and give you a competitive edge over the competition.

We even top it all off with a free year of hosting to get your site up and running!

What's included?

  • Basic Package

    Everything that's in the Basic package is also included in the Complete package! That means you get a contact page, a photos page, a payment page and the custom site design to tie it all together.

  • Logo Design

    We'll spend all the time we need to create the perfect logo for your company or update an existing logo. The entire site design will hinge on the logo so we make sure that it's done right!

  • Custom Functionality

    Many larger websites need extra functionality that solves their unique business needs. For instance, small businesses might need an invoice system and a list of customers. Realty companies often need a way to post up properties with photos. Churches might need a sermon list. Let us know what you need.

  • Web Hosting

    We start you off with a free year of web hosting and a free domain name. If you already have hosting you can save your free year of hosting for later!

  • Google Analytics

    We'll install Google Analytics and help you learn how to use it to track your website usage.

  • Facebook Fan Page

    We'll build you a custom Facebook fan page to give you an edge in the world of social media. You could have a contact form that works just like your website or even a photos page that uses the photos on your website instead of Facebook. The possibilities are endless!

What else might I need?

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Now that you've got a website, you'll want to drive traffic to it! We'll build a SEO strategy for you that includes key words and link tracking.

  • Other Branding Solutions

    You might want new business cards or letterhead to match your website. We can even design a brochure that can increase sales and build your brand.

  • Open Source Package Customization

    You may want us to turn our custom design into a Custom Word Press template. We'll give you a 50% discount on any of our Open Source Customization packages.

What do I need to get started?

For the Complete package we ask for a $500 deposit to start working. The rest is due when the site is complete and you're completely happy.

How do I get started?

Just use the form below to tell us about your project! We'll explain the process in detail and answer any questions you might have.


By Estimate

For larger projects that need special attention. Rather than just give you an estimate we'll give you a price that we won't exceed, giving you a chance to build it into the budget.

The Unlimited Package

Simply put, many projects are big and require a lot of effort. You might have a corporate website or a web application that you need to hire someone to build. We're willing to throw our hat in the ring and bid for your project.

What sets us apart is that we're willing to work with a price cap. Most design companies give you an estimate with no guarantees that they'll hit the price they're quoting. We do things a little differently. We give an estimate and then set a limit on how much you pay. If we take too long we'll start working for free. It puts the pressure back on us to deliver.

How do you make your estimates?

We'll start by having a meeting with you to outline the deliverable of your project. Using this list we create milestones and then goals. We then estimate each goal in hours and multiply that amount by our rate of $50/hour to get a final cost. We deliver a final contract to you for approval that includes the detail of how we came to the estimate. The price cap is set at 1.3 times the estimate. If we estimate your project at $10,000.00 then that means that we think that it will likely cost this amount, but we'll work for free if we go past $13,000.00. Again, this is done ensure you're project doesn't break your budget.

How do you charge for your work?

We send you a biweekly bill with the hours worked and a description of what was done. You have two weeks to pay the bill or dispute any charges that don't look correct. If the bill remains unpaid after two weeks we suspend work until the bill is paid. The important thing to note is that we don't ask for anything up front. You pay for the work as we do it. This approach just makes sense to us.

How does the process work?

We'll meet with you once a week at the same time to discuss and possibly demo our progress. During this time we'll work out problems that were overlooked at the beginning of the project and make adjustments as needed. As we make these course adjustments we'll determine if it fits in the original list of deliverables or if it's a new item. New items will receive an immediate estimate for you to consider. If approved the estimate will increase the cost of the project and price cap.

How do I get started?

The estimate phase often takes several weeks because of the complexity of the projects involved. First, send us a short description of the project using the form below. We will contact you to set up a free initial consultation by phone or Skype. Often these meetings can last several hours so be prepared to go into detail about your project. We'll also answer any questions about our services you may have.

At the end of the consultation, if you're ready to move forward, we'll prepare an estimate based on our discussion. We'll then send you our proposal and schedule another meeting to discuss it. There's a $200 fee for making the estimate that is waved if you accept our proposal. Work will begin on your project once the proposal is accepted.

Hosting and Branding

Web Hosting

As low as $8.95

Our web hosting includes our support. Choosing us for your host keeps things simple by reducing the number of companies you need to deal with. We'll also continue to make minor changes to your site at your request to keep it current and up-to-date.

Web Hosting

All of hosting accounts include 99.9% uptime and unlimited web space and traffic for your website. We also include unlimited email accounts in your hosting plan with web-based email access or SMTP, POP3 and IMAP access.

The best part about hosting with us is that you can just email your web developer if you want to make a change. If you'd rather do it yourself we can give you a user name and password to access your user area on the server.


  • Limitless Potential

    We offer unlimited web space and traffic for your site. We also offer unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts and unlimited mySQL accounts and databases.

  • Professional Email

    We can set up as many email accounts as you want using your domain. They can be actual email accounts or just forward to an existing account.

  • Open Source Support

    We support a huge number of open source applications like Word Press, phpBB, Joomla, Drupal and OSTicket. We can build custom templates or let you use the basic installation for just the cost of hosting.


Monthly: $11.95
1 Year: $131.40 ($10.95/month)
2 Years: $238.80 ($9.95/month)
3 Years: $322.20 ($8.95/month)


  • Anti-virus and Anti-spam Protection for 1 Year


    Eliminate spam to your email accounts and protect your website from viruses for only $7/month.

  • Daily Backup for 1 Year


    Protect your website for just $4/month. This is especially important if you plan on modifying your files.

  • SSL Certificate for 1 Year


    You'll need one of these if you want to process credit cards or create a custom Facebook fan page. With a SSL Certificate your visitors have an encrypted connection to the server so that their personal information is safe. If you decide to purchase an SSL from someone else there is a $42 fee to install it and a $35 dedicated IP address annual fee.

  • Search Engine Optimization


    We'll build a key word list and a linking strategy that will keep your website relevant. Every month we'll review your progress and make adjustments as needed. SEO is an on-going process and is paid for on a monthly basis.

Branding and Marketing

We offer a wide range of creative design services. The goal is keep your brand looking consistent across all mediums.

Branding and Marketing Solutions

Most print shops also offer a range of creative design solutions. By choosing use you keep a consistent look that matches your site and a consistent level of quality. You also keep your costs down by reducing the effort it takes to begin the process since we are already working on your brand.

Custom Logo Design


We'll make a unique logo that emphasizes simplicity and brand recognition. We work closely with you to find a design that you like. The final product is completely yours and we'll give you all the image files you need to place your logo everywhere.

Business Card Design


To drive brand recognition you'll want your business cards to match your website design. We can create images for both sides of the card that are 300dpi and ready to print. You can find your own print shop or let us order the prints for you. With the image file you'll always be able to order more cards when you need them.

Custom Letterhead Design


Send out invoices or newsletters on paper with your logo and brand style on the top. We'll create the image to be used and help you find a print shop if you need it.

Brochure Design


Use a brochure that matches the rest of your brand to market your company or church! We'll design an image file for both sides of the brochure and give them to you to print. We'll help you find a print shop if you need it.

Custom Facebook Fan Page

$150.00 (requires SSL)

A custom Facebook fan page can mimic the functionality and look of your website. You can create a landing page, a contact page, or even a portfolio to go with your current fan page. Don't have a fan page? We'll set it up for at no extra charge!

Let's Get Started

We know this can all be a little overwhelming at first so let's keep it simple. The first step is to tell us a little about your project. We'll guide you from there.