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Green Fire Software: Games and Websites

Green Fire History

2001: Our First Website

We got our first customer, James C. Hill Real Estate in 2001. We designed a custom website for them and provided monthly updates. Later we redesigned their site to use a database.

2002: Our First Game

In 2002 we released a simple card game called Elemental Battles for the Mac. It received several positive reviews and debuted in the Japanese magazine Mac World.

2005: We Found Torque2D

We started using Torque2D when it was still in the early adopter phase. We started working a few simple games to learn the engine. We also started looking for a few artists to work with.

2007: Things Get Moving

After years of quietly building and maintaining smaller sites, we finally partnered with a larger web design firm that gave us some large web applications to work on.

2007 Again: We're a Team

That same year two artists join that team. One of them was Eli Ramos our current lead 3D artist. We began working on Super Cell.

2008: Super Cell is Released!

After about a year of development we completed Super Cell and released it to the public. Again, we received positive reviews. The success of the game brought us new talent including Brian Everts our lead designer.

2009: Full Steam Ahead

We started working on Pirate Code, our soon-to-be-released pirate strategy game. We also added several websites to our portfolio.

2011: Green Fire Pong

We added a simple version of pong to our site as the result of some experimentation with Javascript. We might add some other simple arcade games in the future.

2012: Pirate Code Will Be Released

We expect to release Pirate Code in 2012.