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Green Fire Software: Games and Websites

About Green Fire Software

We have two main areas of focus: games and websites. This division of attention is actually what makes us unique. We feel that games and websites have a lot in common. The ingredients that make a good game will also produce beautiful websites. Both require a strong presentation, usable design and attention to detail.

We've been making games and websites for about 10 years now, and although we don't have much to show from the early years, we're still proud of how long we've been working at it.

Strong Presentation

This is something we strive for because often a website's primary purpose is to present information. We work hard to give our websites and games that special touch that makes the presentation match the content.

Usable Design

Games are only fun if you can figure them out. Websites are only useful if you can find your way around. You found your way to this about pages because the menu system made sense. That's what we mean by Usable Design.

Attention to Detail

Every detail matters with both games and websites. This text is at the end of the about page, but we still tried to keep it interesting. It must have worked, since you're still reading...

Try out one of our games to see what we mean. Also, check out our history page to see where we've been and where we're going.